Like most businesses I’ve built, The 0.07% was inspired by an unfulfilled need.

I’m privileged to belong to an exclusive group known as 'ultra-high-net-worth individuals’. With more than $30,000,000 in investable assets, there's just over 200.000 of us, out of 7,000,000,000 people on the planet. We actually account for far less than the 1%, it would be more accurate to say we account for less than 0.01% of the socially active. You might say that we're the 'golden era millionaires' of modern times.

Speaking to friends in this elite group, I know that we're bound by many similar qualities; a preference for the finer things in life, a joie de vivre that extends to socializing, hosting parties and dinners, yachting and travel. It's a comfort to know that there’s no limitations to our lifestyles.

But it’s not without its challenges either, namely meeting people on the same level.

And that makes us selective about those close to us. Our circle of friends is reserved for likeminded others; the ultra-rich, the ultra-famous, and the ultra-beautiful.

Models and celebrities, it turns out, have similar problems; they’re often deluged by attention from unsolicited others. They account for the other 0.06% in our network.

To filter out the wannabees from the authentic few, the industry needed a 'circle' that personally accredits the right sort of people - a virtual 'bouncer' if you like. A place where you cannot just sign-up, or buy your way into. An 'online club' where only the authentic are approved; no wannabe millionaires or photoshop queens. Only the absurdly rich and breathtakingly beautiful. We call it The 0.07%.

Ours is a unique clique for likeminded others. Our rigorous selection process maintains the integrity of our users, offering them access to an array of online tools for hosting and attending the most exquisite parties around the world. Welcome to the billionaire and supermodel lifestyle, it’s where we belong.

Christian Jagodzinski


The 0.07%