The 0.07% is a collective clique of jet set friends. We bring together the most beautiful people, the ultra-rich and the famous.

Tap into our jet set circle and mingle with new friends. Get invited to billionaires’ villa parties and dinners, meet contacts at the highest echelon of society, wherever your travels take you. Join kindred spirits on luxurious trips and sip champagne on super yachts with attractive acquaintances. Ours is a club everyone wants to be part of, but very few can join.

Exclusive to accredited models and ultra-high-net-worth multi-millionaires, we operate a strict invite-only policy. To maintain the integrity of our inner circle, member’s credentials are personally vetted and approved for authenticity.

As part of our network, you’ll gain instant access to our elite community and their exclusive events. Search profiles and make instant connections, host or join parties, soirees, and trips, in far-flung hotspots around the world.

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Live your best life, with those living theirs.

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Of the 7.6 billion people in the world, only 226,000 are classified as ultra-high net-worth individuals (assets in excess of $30 million). That's less than 0.03% of people. Take the socially active third (0.01%), add a good sprinkling of the world’s most beautiful models, a showering of celebrities and a handful of connectors, and you’ve got The 0.07%!



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